T&E: The How, The Why, The ROI Executive Summary

Published On:
August 20, 2021
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In the Spring through Summer of 2021, APQC partnered with Ernie Humphrey, CTP (CEO, Treasury Webinars) to carry out the T&E: The How, the Why, the ROI survey. The purpose of the survey was to understand best practices and new developments for travel and entertainment (T&E) in the next normal, especially since the beginning of COVID-19. The survey included 233 valid participants who are predominantly T&E process owners or involved in the T&E process in their organizations.

This executive summary provides an overview of the white paper and the study’s key findings, which are organized into five core topics:

  1. measuring the ROI of T&E spend;
  2. the impact of COVID on T&E spend and management;
  3. T&E expense management;
  4. controlling T&E spend; and
  5. T&E technology.