Sustainable Process Transformation in Finance and Accounting (Webinar)

Published On:
February 25, 2016
Authored By:
Gabe Zubizarreta
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When finance managers begin to plan process improvements, it is important to start out with a focus on getting to the right diagnosis. Before you can think about solutions, you have to do a thorough assessment. What seems to be the problem? What are the signs of process weakness and what may be driving what? In this webinar, we will look at the financial close-to-disclose process as a prime example of a financial management process that cries out for examination and enhancement. With the close, there's a lot of stabbing in the dark and pushing the bottleneck somewhere else.

Many companies have embarked on financial transformations, yet less than half have been successful at making changes affordable and sustainable. Interested in learning why making financial transformations sustainable has been so challenging and about a framework that has been designed for success?

In this webinar, Gabe Zubizarreta of Silicon Valley Accountants will discuss:

  • Initial questions companies should consider before starting a transformation
  • Prioritizing and planning the transformation
  • Executing the plan with a built in continuous improvement methodology
  • Ways to ensure sustainability

Click here for slides from of this webinar.