Start with Customer-Focused End-to-End Processes

Published On:
July 21, 2017
Authored By:
Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland
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Functional thinking is epitomized by the idea of specialization and executing a set of specific tasks exceptionally well. Process thinking, on the other hand, looks at the entire value chain with a focus on the end goal, hand-offs between functions, and the overall well-being of the end-to-end process. The focus on the entire value chain is vitally important for several reasons, ranging from resource optimization to supporting digitalization efforts. The ability to focus on the customer experience is the most foundational benefit. End-to-end processes use outside-in thinking, which helps organizations focus on the value created for the end-user or customer, which ultimately improves their experience. Best-practice organizations focus their initial end-to-end process maps on customer-centric or value-added processes. This is a best-practice article extracted from the best practices report: Best Practices in Process Frameworks.