Smarter Content Delivery for the Digital Workplace

Published On:
May 17, 2019
Authored By:
Simon Trussler, Iknow LLC
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Large organizations are accumulating huge volumes of knowledge and information content, often outstripping the ability of search engines to make sense of it for users. The “digital workplace” concept promises users the capability to see only the most useful content for their daily work tasks, whether they browse or search for it, or have it delivered via push technologies. However, many organizations are struggling to deliver on this promise. Squaring the circle requires very solid foundations in KM content management, combined with innovative and attractive user interface options that are customized to the full range of common use cases and personal preferences.  Fortunately, advances in ontology development and classification tools, combined with parallel innovation in online search and browsing platforms, can help organizations reach these goals. During this session, Simon Trussler, engagement director at Iknow, discusses the four keys to success in this endeavor - rich ontology development, auto-classification, search relevance tuning, and automated online content display – together with the organizational requirements to take advantage of each toolset.

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