Right the First Time Program: Measuring Quality via Customer Service - BT Group Case Study

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March 17, 2015
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BT Group, like many organizations, suffered from poor collaboration across business lines, disparate programs for similar issues, inconsistent service levels, large numbers of customer complaints, and process inefficiencies. By focusing on customer service, quality, and delivery, BT Group could not only improve its customer service —resulting in improved customer loyalty and revenue —it could also ensure all process and product improvements would provide value and be cost effective and efficient. Furthermore, BT Group knew that by reducing the number of customer complaints and problems it could deploy its people more effectively in value-added activities for generating new business, developing new products, and establishing meaningful relationships with its customers.

This case study looks at how BT Group defines quality from the customer's perspective through its pan BT Right the First Time (RFT) program, an internal measure of whether it's keeping its promises to customers and meeting or exceeding their expectations. In other words, the idea behind the program is to ensure quality at every place there is an interaction with the customer.