Overcoming the Obstacles to Organizational Agility

Published On:
April 12, 2016
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Organizational agility is the ability to quickly identify (strategic responsiveness) and execute initiatives (organizational flexibility) to respond to opportunities and risks that align with overall strategy. Organizations have to keep pace with the opportunities and threats created by growing customer demands and disruptive changes such as big data and the internet of things. This means that organizations must not only track changes in their business environments but also nimbly change direction and implement new initiatives in order to avoid risks or achieve competitive advantages.

In February 2016, APQC and its research partner Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) conducted a survey to gauge organizations' agility and what strategic planning practices (i.e., planning activities, internal and external assessments, and implementation practices) affect that agility. To understand the common challenges associated with organizational agility, APQC asked respondents to identify their top obstacles.

This article looks at each obstacle in detail and how to address the obstacles. You may access the complete best practice report here.