Next Generation KM: The Role of Knowledge Architecture in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications

Published On:
May 05, 2017
Authored By:
Seth Earley, Earley Information Science
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Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and experts have focused on machine learning as a way to better interpret human intent and deal with ambiguity using technology. But many emerging AI applications miss the role and importance of good, old-fashioned knowledge engineering. In fact, some prominent, respected experts dismiss it as a misguided approach. Nothing could be further from the truth. This presentation shared a brief history of and advances in machine intelligence and how AI is embedded in almost every system and application in use today.

In this presentation, Seth Earley explored the role of supervised and unsupervised learning and how knowledge architecture is part of every solution even when technology vendors say it’s not. He discussed how current KM approaches fit in the AI technology landscape and how to continue to build a foundation to support current user needs and develop the needed infrastructure for next-generation KM.

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