The Mercer Brain: The Brain Behind Content Findability

Published On:
May 22, 2020
Authored By:
Lisa Weber and Chris Lomas
Public Content:
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As the world's largest HR consulting firm, Mercer relies on its intellectual capital to engage with prospects and clients. But despite having a wealth of information at its fingertips, antiquated technologies made it difficult to find content successfully. The KM team saw a huge opportunity to work with its digital colleagues to create the Mercer Brain. The Mercer Brain uses an artificial intelligence-enabled solution to modernize content management and search allowing for a single search across all Mercer sites and apps. This exposes clients to the organization’s thought leadership more quickly and enables colleagues to find Mercer-wide content faster and more easily.

Download this webinar to see a demo of the Mercer Brain, and learn:

  1. How this tool became a solution to one of greatest problems companies have—content findability
  2. The importance of communication and change management when spearheading and driving enterprise-wide change