Integrated Business Planning (Webinar)

Published On:
April 21, 2016
Authored By:
Dean Sorensen
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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has the potential to create significant value. But many don’t fully realize it. While many factors contribute to this situation, a critical one is that IBP process designs are based on outdated views of leading practices, processes, and technologies. And in particular, views about IBP processes that aren’t materially different than traditional sales and operations planning. 

In this webinar, Dean Sorensen of IBP Collaborative discusses:

  • What a fully integrated IBP process looks like
  • How this process addresses gaps in S&OP/IBP processes
  • Technology innovations that enable this process
  • How this process can improve profits by up to five percent of sales
  • Why this process could cost 50% less than non-integrated ones
  • Steps that you can take to realize the benefits of such process

Click here to view the slides from this webinar.