How to Tie Knowledge to Process

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June 29, 2016
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Organizations have masses of knowledge associated with their business processes. Some of this comes in the form of documents—everything from standard operating procedures and training materials to tips and lessons learned from past project teams—but other knowledge exists only in the heads of employees who design, own, and execute the processes every day.

On June 29, 2016, APQC’s Lauren Trees and Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland  conducted a webinar on the role of knowledge in process management.  During the webinar, they explained how to use process maps to analyze the knowledge needed for each business process and how it should flow through the organization; ultimately improving process execution.

Attendees learned how to:

  • use process maps to understand knowledge flow,
  • identify and address knowledge flow gaps and bottle necks, and
  • integrate knowledge assets into the flow of work.

This is the recording of that webinar. You may access the slides here.