How RPA Can Transform and Accelerate Shared Services

Published On:
October 17, 2019
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Robotic process automation has the potential to elevate the performance and contribution of shared services centers. Yet, fully realizing the benefits of RPA in shared services requires a thoughtful and measured approach. In an APQC webinar, Ericsson’s Anshu Gupta (Head of Global People Services) discusses how the award-winning shared services organization successfully uses such an approach to leverage RPA.

Topics discussed include: 

  • What robotic process automation (RPA) has to offer shared services centers
  • How shared services can be made into a revenue builder through intelligent automation 
  • Whether Bots and shared services make a good team
  • Ways to achieve cost reduction, faster processing, and improved quality through RPA
  • Practical considerations for full-scale RPA in shared services

This is a recording of the webinar; click here for a copy of the presentation slides.