How Decision Management is Changing the World of Process (Slides)

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September 26, 2016
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Business Decision Management (BDM) is rapidly becoming one of the most important practices for APQC members. What was once only the domain of business rules experts is now being understood and managed by the same professionals dealing with process excellence, best practices, and benchmarking. The benefits of decision management are in fact so far-reaching that they promise a similar impact on enterprise operations, as that of BPM.

In this September 2016 webinar Signavio’s Tom Debevoise discussed how you can employ decision management in your organization to keep operations agile, compliant, and excellent.

Attendees learned how BDM:

  • Ensures consistent, optimal outcomes for the scores of decisions occurring in your company daily
  • Simplifies process models, increasing the level of engagement from both executives and business users
  • Is standardized and visualized by Decision Management Notation (DMN)

These are the speaker slides. You may access the presentation recording here.