How Cognitive Computing Supports Expertise Location

Published On:
August 08, 2016
Authored By:
Carla O'Dell and Lauren Trees
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Expertise location has been stalled for more than a decade, with KM teams waiting for the available technology to catch up with their vision and users’ expectations of how these capabilities should work. But with the introduction of cognitive computing, expertise locators may be on the brink of delivering on their promise to provide seamless access to expertise across the extended enterprise.

This use case was co-developed by APQC’s 2015-2016 KM Advanced Working Group, which studied emerging cognitive computing capabilities and their potential impact on knowledge management. APQC would like to thank the Advanced Working Group members for their participation and contributions: Deloitte, EY, NASA, Pfizer Inc., and U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).