How Bechtel Promotes KM Using Change Management

Published On:
May 04, 2018
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Key to Bechtel’s rapid progress in KM has been an approach that manages the “people side of change.” At APQC’s 2018 KM Conference, KM Program Manager Jennifer Michael, Senior KM Specialist Nussi Abdullah, and KM Associate Jane Habel shared the strategies and tactics that they have used to get KM into the flow of work at Bechtel. This summary details four strategies that have been particularly effective for Bechtel in engaging users, changing behaviors, and normalizing KM across the organization: 

  •  optimizing executive sponsorship, 
  •  understanding users as individuals, 
  •  communicating seven times in seven ways, and 
  •  anticipating resistance.  

Click here for the slides from this presentation.