The Growing Scope of Treasury in the 'Next Normal'

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August 25, 2020
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In partnership with Ernie Humphrey (CEO, Treasury Webinars), APQC launched its Delivering Treasury Success in the “Next Normal” study to understand what success looks like for treasury during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it may look like in the post-pandemic environment. Along with quantitative research, APQC interviewed a range of treasury professionals across industries about: the key drivers/success practices of treasury success in the next normal; how organizations are currently measuring treasury success and how success measures are, and should be, evolving;  key skills needed to deliver treasury success in the ‘next normal;’ and success stories demonstrating treasury innovation and resilience. In August 2020, APQC spoke with Ernie Humphrey about the growing scope of treasury, the most important measures of treasury’s success, and the skills that treasury professionals will need to have in the next normal.