Embedding Sustainability Into Business Processes: Interview with SAP/SAP Signavio

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November 01, 2023
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Sustainability is no longer a choice but a business imperative. Organizations are finding they must adopt a holistic approach, integrate sustainability into their processes, and embrace the principles of the circular economy to address global challenges effectively.

In August 2023, APQC’s Madison Lundquist (Principal Research Lead, Process & Performance Management) discussed sustainability efforts at SAP/SAP Signavio with Jose Velasco (Chief Product Strategist, SAP Signavio), Alessandro Monaco (Senior Development Management, SAP Signavio), and Jim Sullivan (Head of Product Management, SAP Sustainability). 

This article contains an edited summary of panelists’ answers in response to Lundquist’s questions about how SAP/SAP Signavio is incorporating sustainability practices into its business processes. The panel concludes with best practices and key takeaways for organizations looking to make their own processes more sustainable.