Doing a Lot with a Little: Launching an International KM Initiative with Limited Resources

Published On:
May 05, 2017
Authored By:
Jennifer Hawkins, Peace Corps
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The typical tenure of Peace Corps staff is five years and volunteers is three months to two years. As a result, the agency’s institutional memory is very short. In 2015, Peace Corps announced the launch of Peace Corps Live (PCLive), an initiative designed to facilitate the exchange of agency and community-authored knowledge among staff and volunteers. Using Peace Corps' PCLive as a case study, this presentation examines the process of launching an international knowledge capture, sharing, and management initiative with limited resources. The presentation reviews the program's 10-year history and the failures that preceded PCLive. Detailing how valuable lessons learned from the agency's previous attempts informed the current initiative, this presentation shares the staffing model and the use of open source technology, as well as explores how the agency was able to get buy-in from staff and volunteers.

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