Creating All-Inclusive Leadership Development Opportunities

Published On:
March 19, 2020
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In this APQC webinar, guest speaker Lisa Zweber-Smith (Former VP of Diversity & Inclusion Strategy at MGM Resorts) discusses the company's self-directed leadership development program. The program, Learning Experiences Accelerate Development (LEAD), offers three tracks/guided paths to help employees cultivate strong learning agility that allows them to LEAD effectively.

  • LEAD 1—Emerging Leaders: Focus on developing the self-awareness, cultural intelligence, and confidence needed to practice inclusive leadership
  • LEAD 2—Transitional Leaders: Enhance relationships by building collaborative work environments through effective team leadership
  • LEAD 3—Inspirational Leaders: Strengthen the organization by inspiring, enabling, and supporting others through thoughtful leadership and mentoring

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This is a recording of the webinar; Click here for a copy of the presentation slides.