Collaboration Builds Treasury Success at University of Rochester

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August 27, 2020
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In partnership with Ernie Humphrey (CEO, Treasury Webinars), APQC launched its Delivering Treasury Success in the “Next Normal” study to understand what success looks like for treasury during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it may look like in the post-pandemic environment. Along with quantitative research, APQC interviewed a range of treasury professionals across industries about: the key drivers/success practices of treasury success in the next normal; how organizations are currently measuring treasury success and how success measures are, and should be, evolving; key skills needed to deliver treasury success in the ‘next normal;' and success stories demonstrating treasury innovation and resilience. In August 2020, APQC spoke with Kathy King-Griswold (associate treasurer, University of Rochester) about what it takes to build treasury success in a university setting that blends research, teaching, and healthcare.