The Coca-Cola Company’s Journey to Becoming a Learning Organization

Published On:
October 29, 2021
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When The Coca-Cola Company reset its strategy to become a consumer-centric, total beverage company, it had to rethink all of its talent practices and redefine what it means to work in an organization that is reinventing itself. A big part of this transformation has been getting comfortable with failure, learning to take risks, and celebrating the learning that results. Making this change has involved galvanizing the workforce towards a growth mindset, resetting performance practices, and crowdsourcing solutions from the global workforce. 

In this webinar, Tapaswee Chandele, Global Vice President of Talent and Development at The Coca-Cola Company, explains Cola-Cola’s journey to becoming a learning organization, and answers the following questions: 

  • What is the meaning of a learning organization? 
  • Which talent practices are foundational to building a learning organization, and how can we set those building blocks first? 
  • How can failure be made acceptable, and the organization helped to get comfortable with taking risks? 

This is a copy of the webinar recording; click here to download a copy of the presentation slides.