Bridging the Gap Between KM and Innovation at TechnipFMC

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November 29, 2021
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The business adage “innovate or die” may sound hyperbolic, but it also happens to be true. Organizations today face a range of challenges, whether from a global pandemic, economic downturn, pressure toward continuous improvement, or a culture of complacency that reinforces the status quo. Organizations that fail to innovate in the face of these challenges will not last long, as evidenced by now defunct companies like Blockbuster Video and Borders that failed to digitally transform in the face of a changing business landscape.

In October 2021, Kim Glover (Director, Knowledge Management and Social Learning at TechnipFMC) and Tamara Viles (Program Manager, Knowledge Management and Social Learning at TechnipFMC) talked to APQC about leveraging knowledge management (KM) in the service of innovation.