Boone County School Improvement Process: Ensuring Equal Opportunity to Learning

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March 07, 2019
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One of the strategic imperatives of any educational organization is to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum, ensuring equity in learning opportunities for all students. To deliver on this imperative, an organization needs a method to monitor its performance on this promise, identify where non-conformances exist, understand why the non-conformance exists and, then, correct the situation.   Boone County Schools identified variances in math and reading literacy between its urban and non-urban schools. The non-urban schools were performing at higher level than their peer group in the urban areas. The differences were unacceptable to district leadership and the district set out to remedy the situation. The district charged the process and performance management department to partner with learning support services department forming a project team to capitalize on the opportunity to: 
  • examine the current discrepancy in math and reading competencies in urban and non-urban environments, and 
  • review and refresh its school improvement platform and processes