2015 September Process and Performance Management Webinar: Next-Level Benchmarking-Applying Process Analytics for Effective Decision Making

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October 14, 2015
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How often do we get frustrated with benchmarking projects that result in reams of data and information, with little direct application to decision making? Benchmarking reports that solely rely on percentages, averages, and rankings to generate findings were state-of-art 10 years ago. However, there is a better way to use benchmarking and business process performance data to make real decisions.

On Setpember 24, 2015, APQC's Ron Webb, executive director of Open Standards BenchmarkingSM, stats hub, and information systems, and Christy Aroopala, senior research statistician, explored APQC's methodology for driving decision making using process performance and benchmarking data. The webinar uses real-life examples from process improvement projects on cycle time and customer satisfaction to illustrate the methodology. This webinar covers insights on how to:

  • apply business process analytics for substantive process improvements,
  • identify relevant process data to support decision making, and
  • take your benchmarking projects to the next level.

As expected, the webinar topic surfaced many questions from attendees. Due to the overwhelming interest, APQC decided to follow-up with an additional webinar Q&A podcast to address more questions on applying process analytics for effective decision making. In this recording, the presenters extend their lively Q&A session and answer the questions they did not address during the webinar.