2015 May Process and Performance Management Webinar: Best Practices in Data Visualization

Published On:
May 29, 2015
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On May 28, 2015 APQC and David Doney, Vice-President of Internal Audit at SIRVA, Inc. conducted a webinar on best practices in data visualization. Analyzing data and presenting it visually are important competencies as the economy digitizes. Which frameworks and techniques can help make our analyses and presentations more effective? How can we help our organizations make better, data-driven decisions? What can we learn from the published works of data visualization experts?

This webinar covers insights on:

  • how to identify and communicate the key message types contained in a dataset, 
  • best practices for using bar, pie, histogram, and scatterplot displays, 
  • analytical techniques such as indexing and normalization, and 
  • a framework for conducting a data analysis project.

For the slides from this presentation click here.