TreePad Versions of APQC's Cross-Industry and Industry-Specific Process Classification Framework (PCF)

Last updated:
January 09, 2013
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This collection contains TreePad (.hjt) versions of APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF), including the cross-industry and industry-specific versions.  TreePad files and allow you to store notes and plans for every process and activity as you use the PCF to help align, analyze, and/or improve your organization. This tool is particularly helpful for enterprise architects or process coordinators who frequently have to record information or potential measures related to each process during a redesign or alignment initiative.

Click here to download the original PDF versions of APQC's PCF.

You must download TreePad Lite to view and edit .hjt files.  Save the files to your computer before opening them.

Thank you to Hernando Zorrilla for providing these TreePad tools.