Seamless Collaboration

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September 14, 2022
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As technology makes communication easier, organizations are becoming more globally integrated. Executives now expect employees in different locations, departments, and business units to band together to meet client demands, solve complex problems, and innovate. This level of collaboration is predicated on the idea that employees can develop networks of trusting relationships that bridge any gap, be it geographical, functional, generational, experiential, or cultural.

Using input from prominent knowledge management (KM) program leaders, APQC’s 2011-2012 KM Advanced Working Group (AWG) examined strategic and tactical concerns associated with collaboration in the global workplace. This collection aggregates the AWG's work on this topic. It includes a white paper and presentation explaining seamless collaboration, definitions of the five core characteristics of seamless collaboration, an architecture delineating the requirements for a seamlessly collaborative work environment, and a use case scenario planning tool to help knowledge managers understand the collaborative needs of various employee subgroups.