Leveraging Frameworks for End-to-End Process Development

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July 07, 2016
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Great business practices often boil down to simple truths. Everyone will agree that ‘doing the right things in the right way’ is essential for success in business. The hard part is finding those things that provide optimum value by satisfying the needs of the organization. This requires end-to-end design of the work processes of the organization. Without this integral foundation modern transformation programs such as digitization, agility, loyalty, operational excellence, innovation, and cross functional management—to name a few—are impossible. To assemble the end-to-end with integrity a complete inventory of the work components derived from process frameworks must be available to draw from so nothing will be missed. The combined use of process frameworks and an end-to-end design is invaluable when striving to be effective.

This collection contains articles that define a business process, explore the value of and methods for defining end-to-end processes, introduce process frameworks, and outline their role in supporting the development of end-to-end processes.