Rapid Performance Assessment Tool

Rapid Performance Assessment Tool: Quickly understand how you compare with peers

When a process is underperforming, there’s no time to wait. Use APQC’s Rapid Performance Assessment, a fully automated tool that compares specific processes, performance, and efficiency with relevant peer groups’. Select from APQC-recommended key performance indicators and provide the data from your organization to get the answers you need. Assessments are available across a wide range of processes within financial management, supply chain, human capital management, IT, and product development.

Quick online comparisons with peers

Upon completing a series of the short, targeted assessment questions, you’ll receive a report within 2 business days that will help you identify performance gaps, improve processes, or build a business case for change. Your report will be delivered in Excel format.

APQC members have unlimited access to this service within their Benchmarking Portal.

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