Quality Management

Research over the last five years has shown that for every dollar spent on quality management systems, organizations can achieve a three dollar return. That return comes through a wide range of opportunities, from pure reduction in cost by minimizing waste, to gains in revenue and profit by increasing the number of customers and creating more value for existing ones. The main question then becomes “what should your organization spend that quality dollar on to maximize the return?”

Quality management at APQC is about finding the right mix of policies, standards, process and practices to spend your investment dollar on, to help establish the capabilities and disciplines across the organization to achieve end-to-end quality; which is a combination of:

  • understanding customer requirements,
  • preventive quality planning,
  • creating processes to validate requirements are met,
  • managing nonconformance issues,
  • continuous improvement of quality performance, and
  • creating and managing a culture of quality.

At APQC, we continue to see the intersection of quality, process, knowledge, and change management. These are all elements embedded under APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF) in section 12.0 (Develop and Manage Business Capabilities).

Learn about how APQC can support you on your quality improvement journey. We don’t just give you the measures, data, and tools to improve; we arm you with time-tested strategies and proven best practices to align improvement efforts with business goals.

APQC members have the most complete access to the resources, benchmarks, and assessments professionals need to sell, start, and sustain effective quality management initiatives.

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