Ron Webb

Executive Director, Information Technology

Ron Webb works directly with the Open Standards Benchmarking® team to help match the right data-intensive products and services with the APQC members that need them. He also works with the Stats Hub, applying statistical methods and analysis to help members identify new improvement opportunities using data. Ron is a self-proclaimed “benchmarking geek” who is fascinated with numbers and how the numbers, combined with a strong analytical approach, provide a roadmap for improvement.

Ron also leads the Information System team and department, ensuring that APQC uses technical resources appropriately to deliver services to members. The focus is to use technology to solve business problems and spans strategic technology planning, technology selection, project management, and implementation of systems. He also oversees the team providing day-to-day technology and user management as well as disaster recovery planning.

He is an APQC “lifer” who has worked in multiple capacities since joining the center in 1996. He has managed and executed numerous benchmarking projects for APQC members, led the planning and development of the first APQC Knowledge Base website, led the sales and marketing teams, and directed APQC’s membership product team. He has also led many benchmarking research projects and presented training and conference sessions on benchmarking techniques and best practices. One of his more popular presentations was on Best Practices for Managing Corporate Quality.

Ron’s many presentations on productivity-related and benchmarking topics are available in the APQC's Resource Library. He is also an avid contributor to APQC’s blog, LinkedIn, and other external blogs, including Successful Workplace, Fistful of Talent, and others. He has served as the project manager for APQC’s partnerships with organizations such as the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) and the Society for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Prior to joining APQC, Ron was a consultant in the health care industry with Dennis R. Moser & Associates. He received a Master of Urban Planning degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University.

He received a varsity letter in the decathlon and still enjoys long-distance running; Ron participates in full and half marathons as well as triathlons. A true competitor and adventurer at heart, he also enjoys board games, travel, and the great outdoors.