Process Strategy

71% of respondents and 100% of best practice partners in APQC’s study on building strong process management capabilities used strategic planning to focus their process improvement initiatives. Are you? Organizations often find themselves pursuing random acts of improvement—improvement efforts executed in a vacuum, without acknowledgement of the effects they might have on the rest of the organization or how they do or do not align with strategic business objectives.

Strategic alignment refers to how well process management is linked to organizational objectives. Strategy and process management activities should intertwine and inform each other. The focus of process management depends on current strategy, and process management activities and measures help decision makers track progress toward goals and determine where to make strategic changes.

Process Management Strategy Alignment

How Best Practice Organizations Do It

Learn how the U.S. Veterans’ Affairs Cooperative Studies Program Pharmacy Coordinating Center strategically aligns process management by focusing on specific goals and using collaboration in the case study: Develop Strategic Alignment and Governance for Process Management.

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