Process Management Training

APQC offers customized, on-site training for organizations wanting to take their processes and process management to the next level. Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of implementing process change, have attempted to adopt a process framework, or applying process management initiatives across different functions, learn the best practices from organizations who have been successful.

The courses are structured based on the Seven Tenets of Business Process Management and years of cross-industry best practice research. Attendees work together, discuss, share examples, and work through best practice case studies to learn the theory behind process management and identify actions based on APQC’s best practice research to make this real at their organizations.

To maximize the value to your organization, the training can be delivered in numerous forms to fit your organization’s needs including:

  • World Class Characteristics of High-Performing/Process-Managed Organizations
  • Ongoing Process Improvement
  • Process Frameworks and End-to-End Processes
  • Defining Business Processes
  • Ensuring Consistent Results

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