Open Standards Benchmarking - Innovation Assessment Confirmation

Congratulations! Your benchmarking data has been successfully submitted to APQC

What happens now?

Thanks for your participation. At this time, your survey submission is being assigned to an innovation analyst who will coordinate with you as we conduct validation using logical and statistical testing. Your comparative report with gap analysis will be ready within two weeks. You will receive an e-mail notice once the report is complete and available for download in the benchmarking portal.

If you have any questions, please contact us to speak with your analyst directly. Thank you again for benchmarking with APQC.

What other assessments are available?

Beyond the survey you just completed, APQC offers a full range of assessments in the following areas:

To get started on a new benchmarking assessment, visit the benchmarking portal. You’ll find as you add assessments that your portal’s home page provides a quick at-a-glance dashboard for easy management and tracking.

Alternatively, some organizations opt to continue benchmarking in the same process area by creating assessments for internal business units, divisions, or geographies. APQC’s expanded benchmarking dashboard allows for easy coordination and management with individual user accounts and reporting at a management level. We invite you to speak with an innovation analyst to learn more about this opportunity.

What’s new in innovation?

By keeping a keen awareness of the innovation area, our knowledge specialists continue to develop decision support tools to help organizations and process leaders improve performance.