Open Standards Benchmarking Manufacturing

Widespread outsourcing of production activities has put tremendous pressure on manufacturing managers to be cost competitive while offering unique customer value. This has only intensified their focus on improving manufacturing processes. 

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To manage these activities effectively, manufacturing leaders need to:

  • establish safe work processes,
  • document quality procedures, 
  • set production schedules, 
  • specify new capital investments, 
  • design training programs, 
  • manage supplier relationships, and 
  • lead manufacturing improvement efforts. 

This assessment will help your organization understand how to manage all of this without adding to the bottom line. Manufacturing leaders need to assess their manufacturing processes to establish a baseline for improvement and annual performance targets.

For example, top manufacturing companies report a total value of plant shipments in excess of $450,000 per employee.

Other key manufacturing metrics include:

  • scrap and rework costs,
  • first-pass quality yield, 
  • standard customer order lead time,
  • labor turnover, and
  • costs of goods sold.

To guide you in your adoption of best practices and implementation of supply chain information systems, the report also reviews the following:

  • supplier management strategies,
  • outsourcing, 
  • employment practices, 
  • production initiatives, and
  • order fulfillment capabilities.

For example, when it comes to plant-level manufacturing initiatives, Lean manufacturing practices have been adopted by less than one-third of factories. These practices include continuous flow production, work cells, lot-size reduction, and cross-functional teams.

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