North Star Education Case Studies

Since 1996, APQC's Education group has been helping education leaders capture, scale and sustain transformation to improve student outcomes. We help educators redesign outdated or inefficient processes and break down functional silos which saves time, saves money and empowers people. This work occurs through the implementation of Process and Performance Management (PPM) methodologies and the identification of best practices. 

Take a moment and see how other organizations have utilized APQC to improve their current operations!

Frisco ISD, TX A booming suburb north of Dallas, Frisco has experienced explosive growth over the last two decades. To keep pace with the enrollment of 3,000 new students every year, Frisco ISD needed to effectively manage it's limited resources and build a sustainable plan for future growth. The district needed more teachers, but also wanted to reduce its increasingly heavy administrative burden, redirect efforts toward value-added activities benefiting students, and slow down the trend toward adding more operational support staff. Seeking creative, sustainable ways to improve operational practices, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and solve problems; FISD set out to re-engingeer its operations through both process and performance management (PPM) and technology. Click here to read the case study. 


San Bernardino City, CA With 50,000 students spread across 73 school sites and centers, managing the district’s many administrative functions – from hiring and groundskeeping to procurement and beyond – was a large endeavor. District leaders wanted to make the most of an infusion of new state dollars and create long-term efficiencies at the district level, while boosting productivity and enhancing student achievement. Deciding to invest in improving both its systems and the process brainpower behind them, SBCUSD enlisted APQC Education in 2014 to kick off a districtwide effort. The administration hoped that this focused initiative would teach employees to approach system breakdowns as learning experiences and opportunities for improvement, get teams talking to each other, and solve problems to improve people’s jobs and student experiences. Click here to read the case study. 

Nash-Rocky Mountain Public Schools, NC joined the APQC Education North Star Community to begin a districtwide improvement initiative aimed at aligning resources and processes with the district’s strategic vision. Over a three year period Nash-Rocky Mount has worked on multiple cross-functional projects with outstanding results. The district has saved thousands of dollars and improved services to students, teachers and parents. Additionally, the district is building out the internal capacity to make this work part of the “district DNA”.  Click here to read the case study. 


Orange County Public Schools, FL In 2012, Florida’s Orange County Public Schools began development of a two-year digital curriculum pilot program in response to changing student, workforce, community, and legislative requirements. The long-term goal was to have devices for all students and a digital curriculum to support personalized learning. As a recipient of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant, the district enlisted the support of APQC Education in 2014 to identify and document the processes to curate digital content. The grant focused on developing district understanding of Master Planning for Innovation (MPI), a systems-oriented approach to help organizations define their customers, products and services, structure, objectives, and work processes. Click here to read the case study.

Houston-based ProUnitas connects schools with public services so that teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning. The new, grant-funded nonprofit has built a model for facilitating the effective entry, coordination, and implementation of educational, health, and social services for students by providing the infrastructure for schools to partner with existing services. ProUnitas connects students with whatever help they need, be it counseling, mentorship, tutoring, health care, food, clothing, or shelter on school campuses.

APQC interviewed President and CEO Adeeb Barqawi about ProUnitas’ process management approach and its use of APQC’s MosaiQ® for its ten-person staff to effectively serve one of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods. Click here to read the case study. 

Kentucky The Kentucky North Star Community is a result of an exciting partnership between APQC Education and KASA/CEL. This community is a self-contained community of practice within the APQC Education North Star Community, a collection of school districts, Education Service Centers and Education State Departments that are implementing Process and Performance Management methodologies to become more efficient and effective. Over 20 school districts in Kentucky have participated so far. Click here to read the case study. 

Irving Independent School District in Irving, TX a team of teachers, principals and district administrators from Irving ISD went back to the drawing board, looking at discipline from ground zero—the classroom. Click here to read the case study. 

Aldine Independent School District in Houston, TX was able to cut over $100,000 out of their transportation budget and reduce at-fault accidents by over 50% using process and performance management. Click here to read the case study. 

Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV met AYP three of the last four years by using process and performance management strategies to design instructional support, technical assistance, and professional development. They are the only district of the nation's 10 most populous to achieve this status. 

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston, TX has experienced transformative change district-wide through the implementation of process and performance management. The projects that emerged after the district’s Organizational Assessment all align with their focus on improving and maintaining quality and high standards of student achievement. Click here to read the case study. 
Washoe County Public Schools in Reno, NV is into their second wave of North Star Project Action Teams and going strong. Their teams have created improvements with over $430K in project savings and the ability to use PPM skills to cut over $9M from their budget in the last two years. Click here to read the case study. 
Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District in Harlingen, TX continues to turn their Ninth Grade Academy into a center for student success, they are using PPM for several planned projects and want to instill it as a district-wide policy. Their vision is “No Repeaters”, which means redesigning and improving processes that range from hiring, curriculum, student referrals and support, transportation and start up. Read this latest case study to find out more about the wonderful work happening in Harlingen CISD. Click here to read the case study. 
Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville, MD has developed a rich data culture around Seven Keys of Student Achievement, focusing the entire educational community on raising performance for all students and narrowing achievement gaps on each area. Data discussions occur centrally, at schools, and among professional learning communities, and are supported by M-Stat teams and professional development. To find out more about MCPS’s successes in improving student outcomes. Click here to read the case study. 
Paterson Public Schools in Paterson, NJ is one of the largest districts in New Jersey and has been under state control since 1991. Like other urban districts across the country, it has experienced a diminished capacity to drastically increase student achievement. By using Process and Performance methodologies they were able to save over $2,000,000 in one year and redirect that money to instruction. Click here to read the case study. 

Independent Schools Victoria, a leading supporter of Independent Schools in Australia, has worked with APQC Education to create the Southern Cross Community, a community of practice within the North Star Community. Over 50 Australian schools have worked together to use PPM methodologies to identify best practices, improve student outcomes and find ways to run their schools more efficiently and more effectively. 

Contact us today and let us know if we can offer your district a hands-on advisory approach to meet your needs. If you are interested in a user-friendly, self-paced way to start using process and performance management approaches, learn more about APQC's North Star Education Membership that allows you access to the knowledge and tools to map, measure, and improve how things get done. 


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