Benchmarks on demand

Benchmarks on Demand from APQC - Just the data you need, just in time

APQC members use our fully automated on demand tool to access benchmarks just in time. With this user-friendly online tool, there is no need to input your own data; simply browse, select, and download the benchmarks you need in real time. You receive an instant report just in time, just enough, and just for you.

Members can visit the Benchmarking Portal to access the Benchmarks on Demand tool. Professional service firm members may license customized benchmarking data cuts by contacting Cathy Hill at 1-713-685-4652.


Instant online access to Benchmarks around the world that matter

Benchmarks on Demand gives you an immediate and accurate view of what top performance across key performance indicators looks like. Set targets, generate support for decisions, or build a business case for improvement with benchmark reports featuring APQC-recommended key performance indicators. Originating from the widely adopted Open Standards Benchmarking database, Benchmarks on Demand are built on transparent definitions using APQC's seven-step validation process.

If you need benchmarking data with a gap analysis or a more comprehensive report on performance across multiple areas, we offer several options. Learn about our other assessment tools.

Find more more information on Benchmarking with APQC. Not an APQC member? Contact us to find out how you can get Benchmarks on Demand.