Member Snapshot: Korn Ferry Advisory

Through APQC membership, Korn Ferry Hay Group management consultants around the world have instant, online access to an extensive base of benchmarks and research about organizational best practices. They can also tap into the world’s most popular process framework to compare practices across multiple client organizations.

We asked Mateo Múnera, senior consultant with Hay Group, what he finds most valuable about APQC membership.

What tools, expertise, services, or information do you use the most?

Hay Group has a worldwide membership with APQC, so it’s always a reference for our benchmarking efforts. We use it to support our benchmarking and organizational options for clients. 
When we want to decode a client strategy and transform an area within the company, we want to give it another scope, and we want to bring some hard facts and numbers into the mix. We usually rely on APQC resources to show them what’s possible. 

And if we want to go a bit further, we are going to show focused data, such as the maximum number of FTEs that should be performing a specific operation or activity. These are the types of things that the benchmarking tells us. We go to APQC, where we can find these facts and numbers to show clients where they should be. 

Recently, I used APQC’s Resource Library on a new project in which a client was trying to build a shared service center. We were able to get references and best practices about shared service centers, including several papers and benchmarking efforts, that were really interesting and informative.  

We also use APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)® quite a bit in our work with clients.

We use the PCF as a broad guide to what processes should be included in the different areas. That’s one of the things I find more useful, because it allows us to align processes within different companies internally and compare them to each other.

How would you justify your APQC membership to someone?

I would describe APQC as a good reference benchmarking portal where you can find robust data on many functions and industries.

APQC is very, very detailed in the information available about processes and benchmarking.