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Our current members include more than 150,000 professionals from more than 550 organizations worldwide. APQC members are connected in their efforts to improve performance by applying proven methodologies, approaches, and best practices in process, knowledge, finance, human capital, and supply chain management. Search for current members by industry or by organization name below.

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Williams Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Williams Energy Services Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Williams Gas Pipeline, LLC Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Williams Power Company, Inc. Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Williams Texas Gas Transmission Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Williams Transcontinental Gas Pipe Lines Corporation Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Willis Towers Watson Professional Services/Business Services
Willis Towers Watson Professional Services/Business Services
Wilson Int Education (K-12)
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation Education (K-12)
Woot Retail/Catalog/Mail Order
World Bank Financial Services/Banking
Worsham El Education (K-12)
Wyeth Pharmaceutical
Wyle Laboratories Government/Military (Federal/State)
XTO Energy Energy and Utility
Xto Energy Inc. Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Yantra Corporation Telecommunication
Yext Printing & Publishing
YPF S.A. Petroleum/Oil/Gas