Member Meeting 2010 Pre-Member Meeting Training

APQC's Member Meeting 2010 Training Courses

Pre-Member Meeting Training Courses November 2–3

APQC is offering four hands-on training courses prior to the Member Meeting. Training courses are a great way for both APQC members and nonmembers to learn new skills and build capabilities. These courses take place over a two-day period; you can register for one of the two-day training courses, both one-day courses, or one one-day course.

Applying Benchmarking Skills in Your Organization (two full days) November 2–3

Benchmarking is a proven tool to drive strategic and operational improvement. This course introduces the latest benchmarking approaches and the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to conduct benchmarking studies.

Business Process Management (two full days) November 2–3

This course covers the fundamentals of applying business processes within any organization based upon APQC’s seven tenets of business process management. Starting with the basics of processes and process management, the workshop progresses to advanced topics including process measurement, automation, and integration of process management into a comprehensive business management approach. Numerous exercises allow participants to apply the concepts to real workplace processes.

Knowledge Management in a Day (one full day) November 3

Knowledge Management in a Day will address the core strategic issues necessary to make KM successful. This course starts with a discussion around the key enablers and support required to begin or improve your KM program and initiatives. It then focuses on approaches or methods for sharing knowledge, governance and roles, measurement, and change management. In addition to the practical and proven advice based on APQC’s hundreds of KM research and advisory efforts, participants will hear best practices from leading organizations such as IBM, Ernst & Young, the U.S. Navy, ConocoPhillips, and Fluor.