Quality of Hire: An Interview with Yves Lermusi, CEO, Checkster



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Quality of hire is a topic of keen interest to recruiters and talent acquisition professionals at APQC member organizations. In June of 2010, APQC interviewed Yves Lermusi, CEO, Checkster, to ask him how he, and some of the organizations that he works with, define and measure quality of hire. Checkster (www.checkster.com) offers reference-checking and 360-feedback technologies to client companies to help them automate reference checking, build a passive candidate database, and increase and measure their quality of hire.

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Thank you for the comment and

Thank you for the comment and for the measurement suggestions.

As you note, turnover per employee is not the best measure in these cases. To obtain a more accurate picture of new hire quality, it is important to consider other measures such as the measures that you suggest. Lermusi's suggestion that organizations conduct 360 degree reviews of new hires starting at 90 days post hire is another useful approach for organizations to have in their "toolboxes" for assessing new hire quality.

Elissa Tucker


Knowledge Specialist, Human Capital Management

I have difference of opinion

I have difference of opinion on the measures of new hires relating to Turnover. Although Turnover per employee is one of the measure to estimate the profitability and producitivity of the employees in the organization. However a new hire is in the junior level or middle management level does a backend process will not be able to contribute to the turnover.
Some of the measures which I think can be used in case of new hires are cycle time for adaptability of the new process, contribution to improve bottomline, new thoughts and creative thinkings and mentor feedback ratings.

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