Process vs. Capability: Understanding the Difference



In today’s complex organizations, it can be difficult to understand where inefficiencies stem from and how performance can be enhanced. According to APQC’s Director of Open Standards Benchmarking John G. Tesmer, the use of “process improvement” as an umbrella term for all performance enhancement initiatives is creating additional confusion. Process frameworks such as APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)® do not (and are not intended to) encompass additional factors that impact how work is accomplished. “We need a new vocabulary about what we do,” said Tesmer. “Process means what we do; capability means how it is delivered.” This article explains how and why to use the terms “process” and “capability” in performance management.

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The detail in your article is

The detail in your article is correct but as a business architect, I have to say you've got the tagline backwards. A capability is the "what" and a process represents the "how", not the other way around.

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