The Leadership Disconnect: May 2013 Human Capital Management Community Call



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  • May 9, 2013
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  • APQC
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Michael Kirsten, a B2B content strategist of Kelly Services, in collaboration with APQC discussed the survey results of the Kelly Global Workforce Index-The Leadership Disconnect.This survey examines the issue of leadership in the contemporary workplace from the employee perspective. It explores the way that workers think about the quality, direction, and style of leadership, and the degree to which they share the goals of those who head their organizations. This research brings together the findings from almost 170,000 respondents from 30 countries and showcases the leadership issues across industry sectors, and globally, across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Some key findings were discussed.

  • There is an abundance of theories and opinions about what constitutes the best business leaders. Much of this is from the perspective of the business executive. There is considerably less focus on the view from the ""factory floor"" or from the office.
  • The vast majority of workers will not have digested the theories of leadership, but they see it in practice every day, and they have well-defined views about what constitutes good leadership.
  • Given the resources that businesses devote to enhancing leadership capabilities, there remains a worrying gap between the priority and the results.

Click here to view slides from the presentation.

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