Guidelines for Launching a KM Gamification Strategy



A full-fledged gamification strategy is not right for every organization, but insights and techniques from gamification have the potential to enhance almost any knowledge management (KM) program. Based on our research, APQC recommends that organizations looking to embrace gamification for knowledge sharing consider the following 10 guidelines:

  1. Zero in on the behaviors you want to encourage—and the ones you don't.
  2. Start small and use targeted pilots to prove the concept.
  3. Consider designing and testing the gamification approach first, then adding in technology.
  4. Keep the game elements simple and intuitive.
  5. Think broadly about the use of game mechanics.
  6. Make sure people can see their impact?in real time if possible.
  7. Offer meaningful rewards tied to professional development or career advancement.
  8. Spread the recognition across the work force, not just a small group of top performers.
  9. Accept that not everyone will be attracted to a gamified strategy.
  10. Consider the ethics of gamification.

For more on gamification, view the following collection - Gamification in Knowledge Management

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