The Evolving Role of the CFO: How It Impacts Finance Staff Development (Slides)



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  • June 19, 2014
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In his book, Guide to CFO Success: Leadership Strategies for Corporate Financial Professionals, author Sam Dergel reveals that the right CFO is vital to the company's success. Dergel discusses how to have a successful CFO career through the use of relationship management and team building activities with a unique perspective on the finance function.

In this presentation, Dergel shares his perspectives on the role of the CFO as it is evolving in the midst of ongoing global economic uncertainty, fast-moving competitive forces, business model experiments, and rising pressure from key stakeholders for greater transparency on the drivers of financial performance. He also describes

  • What analytical and process management capabilities does the success-driven CFO today need from his/her finance organization?
  • Why do many CFOs feel their teams are not up to the challenge?
  • What steps can global companies take to get finance staff capabilities better aligned with the needs of the business?
  • How can senior finance process managers alert the busy CFOs that change must happen?

For a recording of this presentation, click here.

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