The Evolution of Employee Performance Management: A Case Study on APQC



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  • Published:
  • May 16, 2013
  • Author:
  • Sue Lam and Elissa Tucker
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  • 30
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A consistent and constructive performance management system is important for all organizations to have. Though there is much value to be gained from a good performance management system, this value is lost on most organizations because of ineffective performance management processes. This case study details the process that APQC followed to improve its approach to performance management. Included in the case study is:

  • an organizational overview of APQC;
  • a description of how APQC used the services of Kinetix;
  • an explanation of the problems with APQC’s old approach to performance management;
  • details on the process APQC followed to improve performance management;
  • information on how APQC implemented its new performance management system; and
  • a discussion of the results seen so far from this new system.

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