August 2015 Process and Performance Webinar: Process, Information, and Technology Alignment



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  • August 27, 2015
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  • APQC
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On August 27, 2015 APQC and Tim Allen, vice president at Project Consulting Group (PCG) conducted a webinar on a better way to plan and implement ERP, CRM and BI systems to increase the effectiveness of the software implemented ensuring customer and employee satisfaction and the appropriate application of the software to streamline processes and garner true ROI.

Every year, major companies invest millions of dollars in high end ERP, CRM, and BI systems with marginal results, and dissatisfied customers and employees. Often these implementations are driven by rapid execution strategies designed to save time and money, with little or no consideration for the correct alignment of the technology with the company?s mission critical process. In many cases, the company is not able to garner true ROI from the software investment and employees actually end up using only a small portion of the software functionality. For the slides from this presentation, click here.

For the slides from this presentation, click here. To view the recording, please click the orange "Download" button.

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