Assessing the Impact—Preparing Your Processes for the New Revenue Recognition Standards



APQC and EY are conducting a four-part series of outreach research aligned with what we discern to be the four stages of change—(1) assessing the impact, (2) planning the needed changes, (3) implementing the plan, and (4) monitoring and continuous improvement. Our focus: how organizations are preparing for the new revenue recognition standard. We are examining what this change implies in terms of process excellence, cross-functional collaboration and the finance organization’s role in driving a successful enterprise transition.

In October 2015, APQC and EY hosted a virtual roundtable to find out how far along organizations are in addressing the new revenue recognition standard and what key steps have they embarked on to assess the impact on their organization. This article explores the findings pertaining to the first stage of change—assessing the impact—and contains insights from the roundtable research conducted by APQC, and interviews with the participant organizations.

  • Cisco Systems
  • EY
  • Intermedia
  • Rapid7
  • Silver Spring Networks

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