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APQC's Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF) is a taxonomy of business processes that allows organizations to objectively track and compare their performance internally and externally with organizations from any industry. It also forms the basis for a variety of projects related to business processes. This document is also available in PDF and excel versions.

Get more details about this document and our industry-specific PCFs at www.apqc.org/pcf.

This TreePad (.hjt) version of APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF) allows you to store notes and plans for every process and activity as you use the PCF to help align, analyze, and/or improve your organization. This tool is particularly helpful for enterprise architects or process coordinators who frequently have to record information or potential measures related to each process during a redesign or alignment initiative.

You must download TreePad Lite to view and edit this .hjt file. Save the file to your computer before opening it.

Thank you to Hernando Zorrilla for providing these TreePad tools.


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