KM OSR Research

Knowledge Management Open Standards Benchmarking Survey

Many organizations face dual challenges of gleaning mission-critical knowledge from employees departing the organization and/or eligible for retirement while concurrently connecting employees to each other and key information. Knowledge management (KM) is often viewed as a function that is hard to evaluate, so it is important that KM efforts focus on delivering measurable value to the organization.

Based on APQC's proven Road Map to Knowledge Management Results: Stages of Implementation™ model, the benchmarking tool allows you to quickly chart, in under one hour, what stage your KM department is in and where to go next and provides best practices to compare your processes to those of relevant peers and world-class organizations.

APQC regularly reviews its research projects to ensure their relevance and currency. The Knowledge Management research is currently being updated to enhance its utility to KM practitioners, researchers, and end users. If you have any questions, please contact the OSBC Help Desk on or via telephone on +1-800-776-9676 or +1-713-681-4020.