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At APQC, we're committed to improving K-12 education nationwide. We have several education solutions to jumpstart improvement in the way that makes the most sense for your district.  This a la carte approach allows you to gain the best value and results for your district based on where you are starting and where you seek to go. Take a look at our solutions below or click here to learn more

Our Organizational Assessment (OA) service takes stock of a district’s performance from a systems perspective, using interviews, observation, document review, and in-depth analysis. In addition to pinpointing strengths and opportunities for improvement, APQC’s week-long process gives the school district a rigorous, objective view of all the core components of an effective system including: leadership, strategic planning, curriculum and teaching, stakeholder engagement, stellar people, effective and efficient processes, accountability. Take a look at the Organizational Assessment in action!

  • Strategic Planning Workshop – this workshop provides a venue for multiple districts or organizations/departments to work collaboratively in developing a comprehensive and actionable strategic plan.
  • Customized Strategic Planning with Your District – APQC will facilitate your district thru the strategic planning process, including identifying strategic goals and objectives, defining strategies, developing action plans and assigning accountability for implementation. 
  • Support with Implementation and Monitoring of Plan - APQC assists the leadership team in implementing its strategic plan as well as evaluating the performance of the organization during plan execution.


  • Comprehensive Improvement Effort (CIE) - The CIE has two objectives: transfer fundamental process and performance management skills to the organization and achieve improvement results for the organization via project teams. 
  • Focused Improvement Effort (FIE) - This offering helps you improve a single area of concern that would benefit from process improvement or a process redesign. 
  • Using Data Effectively - This two-day interactive workshop focuses on using your own data to drive decisions, support positive student outcomes and communicate progress to various audiences.

APQC often serves as an executive coach for cabinet level leaders. This coaching is highly customized and equips leaders with the individual tools necessary to build their own strategic and PPM leadership capabilities.

This offering is highly customized based upon your needs to redesign processes in a key area. The work is a combination of onsite and virtual services.

This workshop is designed to introduce leaders across your system to the basics of PPM and how it can help them capture, scale and sustain transformation on a daily basis. 

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Contact us today and let us know how APQC Education's Process and Performance Management services can help your organization or check out our APQC North Star Education Membership option. 


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